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Software | Lead Generation

"Honest Media gave us a consistent and reliable flow of new leads. They have delivered above my expectations and helped me expand my business greatly. Their candid and straight forward, results obsessed style is very refreshing."
Sandy Hardi

E-commerce | Customer Acquisition

"Desmond and his team's work on our Facebook advertising campaigns increased our new customers acquired by 200% with 40% lower cost. The expertise and advice they brought has been invaluable for us when making complex high-level marketing decisions."
Wenyu Liu

Finance | User Acquisition

"Our first launch campaign with Honest Media brought us 25x more users over our initial projections. Now that is some over delivering! We highly recommend speaking to them."
Tatat Selamat
"Having a tight budget to run with and with the pressure of making sure that every dollar spend gets us results, having Honest Media handle JEL's digital marketing is one of the best decision we have made so far. Because of their experience and expertise in the digital marketing field, we were very confident in trusting them with our work. Working with them has allowed us to be assured that our marketing spend is handled in a systematic, efficient and result driven way. Highly recommended!"
Jada Seet
Founder of JEL
"I am very pleased working with Honest Media. They are always very proactive in not just managing our digital campaigns but also has giving us a lot of insights to achieve the best results. They are not your typical set-and-forget type of digital marketing company but has always been checking with us on our sales conversions. As their name suggests, if you are looking for a honest and a digital marketing company that concerns for your business, Honest Media is the one!"

J Tan
Marketing Director, Property Agency

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Why Choose Us

Test More Effectively & Efficiently

You no longer have to spend weeks or months coming up with the perfect creative, commit huge spends to a single campaign or agency and worry about having nothing tangible to show for.

Instead we can now make small bets with each new feasible marketing idea, run test campaigns over 2 weeks. Look at the data, and add what works back into our main marketing system.

In this context, we have infinite combinations to test. We are more
effective & efficient because with our experience and expertise:
1. We can better identify & prioritize testing ideas with the highest potential.
2. We require less data & spend to conclude tests and make a decision.

Build Up a Reliable Marketing System

Small bets and tests done well and diligently over time, let us build up an optimised marketing system, with an arsenal of effective growth methodologies that consistently and reliably brings in new customers for you.

We can help you build up a marketing system that works, by helping you sieve through all the clutter and fluff, to identify and focus our limited resources on items with the highest potential.

Competent in Our Offerings
Specialized for Your Industry

We are constantly improving and expanding our capabilities, by working and learning with our clients. We envision building up a team of up-to-date domain experts specialized for industries we have chosen to focus on.

Although we have experience across the broader spectrum of marketing, we only offer what we believe we can execute at the highest level, all in order to ensure we deliver results.

We put our money where our mouth is by offering pricing models based on results (CPA,CPL,CPR,CPS). Talk to us, size us up, ask us the hard questions and see how we measure up.

Proven Track Record

Our team has a solid track record from over a decade of marketing experience, responsible for ROIs on over USD20 milion+ in marketing spends at in-house roles. We can serve as your counsel for more informed marketing decisions.

Built by marketers for marketers, we constantly improve by reflecting on what we ourselves would had loved from an Agency Partner when we were serving In-house.

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